Should Rollup, Lookup, and Count work in Self-linking table?


Link fields in other tables show up as options for a Lookup field, but not the link fields to the self-linking table. I see a feature request for Rollups on self-linking tables (Roll Ups for Fields Linked Within The Same Table). Is there no way to use the linked field within the table for Lookup at this time?


That’s correct, Lookups using linked fields within the same table are not supported at this time.


Is there any other way of telling the data if a row has been outdated/obsolete by a new row, and witch row… or how else solve that problem?

In my db, i have a restricted membership, where you can only replace an old member leaving. I have no clue how to do this without the self-linking table and use it for a lookup…?


It’s not a perfect solution, but I often use a second linked table, typically with a single record, as an aggregation/calculation table to allow me to work around the restriction against lookups/rollups within the same table: Every row on table 1 is linked to the single record in Table 2. From Table 2, I perform rollups/lookups against Table 1; from Table 1, I lookup the desired value from Table 2.

While thematically and content-wise having little or nothing to do with your concerns, this base demonstrates the use of many-to-one links and the secondary calculations table.


Hmm not a perfect solution is the right word :slight_smile:

If the membership is today own by one (1) member, but the next one taking over, own by two (2) users…, vice versa or a two-to-two relationship.

Do you get it to work?

And still you preferably want one Airtable Form to add data, that is in my mind impossible.



Now you’re moving the goalposts. :slight_smile:

I would think the users-to-membership issue could be addressed by separating the definition of memberships from that of users, allowing a one-to-many link between the two tables – but the other issue you raise is a bigger deal.

You’re right: The current inability of allowing any sort of drill-through from a form to records linked from the initial table would be a show-stopper for you. (While I certainly understand the presumed reasons for that design decision, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.) I’m in the process of taking an app originally designed for use with a custom front end accessing Airtable data through API calls and converting it into a pure Airtable implementation, and the inability to address linked records through a form has given me the most trouble. At the moment, my best hope is to find a way to capture the data in a format that can be exported and manually re-imported later to create the necessary linked records – but, so far, the solution eludes me.


This is so necessary, please add this Airtable!


I need this too please


i need this also- surprising that it does not


Please integrate this feature!


Adding my +1 for this feature