Show a Flag next to a View that is used by a Block

Often I create a View of a Table that I end up using on a Block - usually a Chart.

If I later forget why I made the view and delete it, I will have broken a Chart in a Dashboard somewhere and have no idea about it.

It would be really helpful either to indicate that a View is used somewhere in a Block, or simply to warn me when I delete it.


I do this myself by prefacing the name of a view with 🔲 anytime I have used that view in a block.

And I do the same if I have a view shared in a live site – I preface it with 🌐.

I agree, though, that it would be nice if this were done automatically by Airtable’s system.

You’re chasing me around the community, @Jeremy_Oglesby!

I am also doing the same now! :bar_chart: for Blocks, :eyes: for Shared

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