Show dates without records after certain time of day

Hey everybody,

i am looking for an app, that can show me availability of dates in a given timeframe and so far i couldn’t find anything, that seemed to fit my needs.

This is the usecase:

  • We store only records with dates and time as we’re managing a venue, that is booked for events.
  • We’re getting asked about free dates in a specific timeframe.

This is what i want to achieve:

  • I would like to put in a range between two dates (lets say 01. October till 31. November) and a time, after which should be no records or if there are, i want to be shown those.
  • Context: We have certain times, where events would regularly start (lets say 4pm) - if there is a booking before that time, that would be fine, if after, that would usually not work.
  • I want to get an output that tells me, on which dates in this timeframe this filter fits.

So basically it’s: Show me all days that don’t have a record starting after 4pm (we have such field, let’s just call it ‘EVENT START’) in a given timeframe.

I’m sure this can somehow be achieved by scripting or maybe there is some app available already?

It would be great to have this in the “app” section, we would only use it from time to time.

Thanks and best!
JazzHall Team

Pushing this up - maybe this is also not the best subforum?

Pushing this up again.

Up again - anybody’s got an idea on this?