Show history by actual date instead of days, weeks, months ago

Record history is good - but I need it to display the actual dates that events have occurred for each recond.

My history column for an expanded record shows things like ‘3 mo’ to indicate that a record update or change was made about 3 months ago.

I need the actual date. How can I see that?

There’s no way to see all of that information at a glance, but if you hover your mouse over that “header area” for a few seconds, a little tooltip will appear with the full date & time that the change was made. :slight_smile:

The “header area” is that area that says (for example): “You edited this record by modifying a field. 3 mo”.

If you’d like to see all of those full dates & times at a glance, you may want to add that as a product suggestion for the Airtable team in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.

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