Show image attachments in Grouped views?



I have a base with a number of views, one of them which is Grouped by a field that uses attachments.

Is it possible to somehow show this image next to the name of each group? For example, rather than just having grouped sections comprised of the field name and value in pure text, a thumbnail of their attachment image would be visible.

Would be a nice touch to make it more visual.



That would be a nice tough, I do agree.

Nathalie Collins

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I can’t group by Attachment fields, do you mean any other type like Lookup or Formula?


No, I don’t mean grouping by attachment fields. I mean to show a thumbnail of an attachment next to each group, where the attachment is related to the field. The field I’m grouping on is from another table, which uses attachments.

Here’s a mock-up of what I visualise it could look like:


So you meant ‘grouped by a Linked Record field where that table has an Attachment field’? It’s not possible, maybe you could add this to #product-suggestions.