Show Info if Timestamp is Between a Date Range


I’m a newbie to conditional formulas, and I’m looking for a way to check whether a timestamp for a record is between two different dates.

Fields: Timestamp, Amount Paid, Show/Hide Amount Formula, Totals Rollup Field (in another table)

I want the formula to check whether the Timestamp is between two dates (usually the 1st and 15th of the month). If the timestamp IS between those dates, it would show the amount paid (and if not, it wouldn’t show). I’d then like to use that data in a “Totals” Rollup Field for that date range in another Table.


How do you intend to determine the date range that you want to check against? (You said it is usually between the 1st and 15th - how do you determine if it is or isn’t that date range that you need to use, and if it isn’t what other date range possibilities are there?)


Well, it will always be the 1st - 15th, or the 16th through the end of the month :slight_smile:


Ok, then I think this is what you are looking for in “Show/Hide Amount Formula”:

   DAY(Timestamp) <= 15,
   {Amount Paid}


Yes, I had tried that, but I’m going to want to see each one as time goes on, so I was worried that that would show all months’ days between 1-15. I need to differentiate between actual dates, is that possible?


Ok, so IF the Timestamp is from THIS month, THEN only show Amount IF Timestamp <= 15th day
IF Timestamp is from PAST month, THEN always show Amount regardless of Timestamp day?

Is that what you’re looking for?


Ah! not quite :slight_smile:
I’m wanting that column to ONLY have the amounts from the 1st - 15th of say, June 2018, so I can have a record of amounts for every two weeks.


Oh man - I feel like I’m understanding less and less!

So are you saying you want to be a let to enter a month arbitrarily - “show me amounts from December 2017” - and have it show the amount only if the date is between the 1st-15th of December 2017?


Oh gosh! I’m sorry, maybe I’m not being clear!

I’d like to end up with a column in my table for each set of two weeks, with the Sum at the top showing the total amounts for just those two weeks. Does that make more sense?


Are you trying to do something like this?


Yes! Exactly :slight_smile: How did you do that?









Awesome! Thanks so much :slight_smile: