Show most recent status update per Step

I am looking to show the most recent status update for each step.

My table includes:

Steps (Individual steps within the objectives)
Team Members
Status Reports (form for the team members to submit updates for each steps)

A few questions:

  1. Should I create some sort of a filter/automation within the Status Report table to show the most recent status per step?
  2. Do I need another table (something like “Most Recent Updates”) that pulls from Status reports and somehow only shows the most recent step?
  3. Can I show the most recent updates right in the Steps table? (This is what I’d prefer, but i’m not sure what fields I would need to add / filter / sort by to make that happen)

Do the following:

  1. Add a rollup field to Steps to show the MAX(values) of the {Date} field in the Status Reports table.
  2. Add a rollup field to Status Reports that points at that^ field, using a aggregation formula like: IF({Date} = MAX(values), "true", "false"). All the ones that compute true should be the latest status update for a particular step.
  3. Add a conditional lookup field to Steps to only pull the {Step Name} field (or whatever) if that^ field = true.
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I must be doing something wrong because my most recent update is still false:











Try making the rollup just MAX(values), and use a formula field that’s IF({Date} = {Rollup field} "true", "false")?

Got it!

Thank you very much!

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