Show record in Table B if checked in Table A


I’m wondering if we can have a lookup function where a record will show in Table B if column X is checked or = something.
The use case is managing orders for an ecommerce store. I have created a couple of tables: New order, out for delivery, completed . I send the new orders to the new order table via zapier. When the item is shipped, the warehouse manager marks it as Shipped (checkbox in a column called shipped). It get filtered out of the New order table (using filters) but then I’d like it to show up in the Shipped/Out for Delivery table.

I know I can use views but unfortunately views are not as intuitive and the onsite people simply don’t seem to understand them. This is making it hard for us to operate and scale ! Thank you for the help



A table can only “show” its own records. You can’t show Table A’s records in Table B, because Table B has no record of Table A’s records.

What you need to do is “Create” a new record in Table B when a field is checked in Table A. This can be done with Zapier, in the same way you are using it to create the “New Order” records.

  • The trigger for Zapier will be “New Record in View”, and you’ll need a view that filters to show only records that have been checked in the particular field you are looking at.
  • Then you’ll have Zapier create a new Record in Table B, and fill it’s values with the values from the record in Step 1 (the record from Table A)

However, using views is much, much easier in the long run. If it were up to me, I’d hold a training session or something for your onsite people that need to view this information regularly so that they can understand what a view does and how to use it. Jockeying records around with Zapier is far more error prone, and will require upkeep.


Thank you this was very helpful! Unfortunately its not about training my people. We make AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger and we are using Airtable to manage orders coming in on the bots. Our clients have been complaining that this set up is not so intuitive and because staff turnover is very high in restaurant kitchens the training part is fairly difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Thanks again!