Show Records that Contain a Value


I’m running into something that seems like it should be easily doable, but for some reason is giving me a lot of trouble.

I have a recipe database with tables for ingredients and recipes. I have a third table called “Recipe Line Items” that is used for displaying the recipes in a readable format, and that’s where I enter what the ingredients of a recipe are. The first column of this is a formula that concatenates the quantity and ingredient into “100g Sugar” or whatever.

I would like to have a column in the ingredient table that lists what recipes the ingredient is included in. A linked record doesn’t work, since it only returns the first column. I’ve tried rollup and lookup, but they just return the comma-separated strings, and don’t link to the actual record, which is what I want.

Am I missing something, or is this just something I’m going to have to change my data model to accommodate?

Thanks in advance.



I think you have to read that in the auxiliary table. You could Group lines by Ingredients, so you get the Recipes, or you could make new ingredient Views filtering the Ingredients that you want, so you get something like “Banana Recipes”, for example. The Ingredients table is like a “reference table”.

I think you should check this :sweat_smile: