Show Reference Photo in Form

I’m creating an inspection form for field techs. While the tech is filling out the form, I’d like to include a photo they can use for reference before they attach a photo of their own. Is this possible?

Welcome to the community, Richard! :smiley: Unfortunately this isn’t currently possible with Airtable’s native forms. You’ll need to look at integrating a third-party form tool such as JotForm, which gives you a lot more control over how your form looks and operates.

Thanks Justin! Is it possible to use Airtable records to dynamically change the questions or static images in Jotform? Maybe I’m looking at a custom development scenario instead…

JotForm does include support for conditional logic, so you can have the form dynamically update as the user fills it out. Depending on your specific use case, this may be sufficient to achieve what you want without custom development. If you tie in On2Air: Forms by @openside, you can do even more with what you pull from Airtable.