Show 'time' only in 'date' field such as '17:56' instead of '2020/12/15 17:56'

Is it possible?

I need the timestamp feature that I can record the current time just with one or two click(s)
but still can be modified manullay.

I use ‘date’ field for this purpose but it displays date that I dont’t need.
Duration field shows only time but it does not support one-click current time insertion.

The only work-around I found is
Column A: date field: 2020/12/15 17:56
Column B: formula filed: DATETIME_FORMAT(‘Column A’, ‘hh:mm’)

There are two problems.

  1. I have to use two columns to show only one field
  2. Column B has a timezone issue.
    (I live in UTC+9 area. The column A has a local time but column B shows UTC time.
    So A is 2020/12/15 17:56, but B is 08:56


You are correct about all of your options.

You can use the SET_TIMEZONE function in your formula field, like this:

SET_TIMEZONE({Column A},'America/Los_Angeles'),

For an even deeper dive into time zones, you can check out my sample base & training video here:

I appreciate your comment. It needs to create one more field. One for the timestamp itself which shows date and time, and another formula field to show time only…

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