Show total sales of multiple products gathered from totals in other tables


I’m trying to create a table that will show the total number of a particular product ordered from multiple tables. ie; Total rubber ducks ordered in the April, May, June, etc. tables. A running tally of sorts.

Does this make sense?

The Total Sales Table would need multiple product totals.

I’m very new to Airtable so forgive me.



Here’s another view example of what I’m trying to create


I’d personally start by considering merging all your monthly tables into one table with the sale date - and then use the date field to group sales by month. In this way you can analyse your data in all sorts of ways, group by different time periods etc.

Let me know if you need more help.


Thanks for the response Julian_Kirkness - I appreciate it very much. When you refer to merging tables, how would you be going about doing it? I looked up how to “merge tables” but there weren’t results. Were you referring to grouping tables?

Thanks again for your help!