Showing Column or Row $ Sums in Field Cells in Another Table

I’ve searched and found somewhat similar solutions, but none (that I’ve found) seem to hit the head of the nail for what I am seeking to accomplish.

I have a Budget table with records representing each month. One of the fields is “Projected Income”. For each cell in that field, I am seeking to show the corresponding month’s Projected Income from another Table called “Projected Income”.

In the Projected Income Table, I have configured it so I have records representing the month, and currency fields representing the client monthly payment. (I have also configured it so I have records representing the client & fields representing the month - I’ll remove the records/fields I don’t need.) So, I am looking to insert the totals of the projected client payments for each specific month into the Budget table’s record cell for that month in the “projected Income” field. I also have a “Projection” formula in the “Projected Income” table that sums the values of those fields, so in effect that monthly projection is represented in the Projection formula. If that Projection formula could just show up in the Budget table, I’d be set!

I’ll be doing the same type of thing with projected Expenses once I understand how to do this.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered!

Actually I see that I just need to configure the target table differently and do a rollup against the field with SUM(values) as an aggregation function.

Instead of various fields representing the months, each with their own currency, I have one field with the amount being received, then a field with the client, and a field with the month, which pulls from the budget table. Now the projections are showing up properly in the budget table.

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