Showing date with IF statement


Goal: I want to have a cell display a date only if another column has a date. If I use an IF statement, the date is formatted oddly.

Here’s the formula I’m using for my “Next update due” column:

IF({Last update sent},DATEADD({Last update sent}, 30, 'days'),"") 

If I leave out the IF statement, the “Next update due” column displays #ERROR! for the rows where I haven’t started the status update emails.

But with the IF statement, although the no-dated item displays correctly (that is, it displays nothing), the date in the “Next update due” column has extra numbers, like so (the left column is the “Last update sent” column; the right column is “Next update due”):


How can I get the “Next update due” column to only display a date?



I found the answer. I need to use BLANK() instead of “”. So the proper formula is

IF({Last update sent},DATEADD({Last update sent}, 30, 'days'),BLANK())


I’d just remove the if not part at the end, cleaner.