Showing Percentages As Actual...Using a Formula


Is there a way to get a percentage (from a simple ratio) to show as the actual percentage…so, Airtable shows 42% as 4.2%…when using the formula function and formatting to %…


divide the result by 10[sic] (or 100 if you mean what I think you mean) in the formula?





@Brandon_Sturgill - I’m confused as to what you are trying to do. Why do you want Airtable to display 42% as 4.2%? (In order to get that, you’d divide by 10, not 100 – the reason for my suggesting 100 is because usually people either want 42%, or else 0.42 [no % symbol]) But I genuinely don’t understand why you’d want it to display as 4.2%.

If you can elucidate a bit more what you’re trying to accomplish that might help for pointing you in the right direction.


No worries…it’s the opposite I think. when I do a simple ratio X/Y = 42% Airtable displays it as 4.2%…I want it to display as 42%…i assumed it would work like Excel…just change the decimal point, but to no avail…dividing by 10 and 100 does not accomplish this either…I’m obviously missing something…


Ok, so if you’re trying to move from 4.2% to 42%, you’ll need to multiply by 10.


So you are not using percentage, but just decimal. Using that symbol is incorrect. I don’t understand neither why are you doing that.

Just a division:

Formatting percentage (it just adds the symbol)

This makes no sense to me. You should multiply by 100:

You can represent it as a 10-based ratio, but you shouldn’t use the percent symbol.


Good looking out…this is totally grade school stuff that’s apparently over my head…anyway…inserting 100* at the beginning of the formula gets me where I need to be.