Showing the form source as a column in grid view?

We’ve designed two forms - one to be sent out via email, one to be embedded on our website. I would like to be able to automatically see in the grid view where the data has come from (i.e., was the “source” form the one from the website or the email)? Anyone know a good way to do this?

Thank you!

I don’t think you can do this with an Airtable form. You can prefill a source field (see here -, but this isn’t ideal as it displays to the user and can be changed.

I would look at having two forms in a 3rd party form solution - e.g. Typeform or Jotform. If you have a small-ish number of form submissions you might be able to do this on their free tiers. Routing these form submission to Airtable via Zapier (again could be free) will allow you to set a source field in the base without needing to reveal this in the form.

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