Sidebar view/left nav from Universe in core product


Hi! I saw this view in the site from the blog post you sent about Singularity Hub.

I was hoping that this ‘sidebar view’ was actually something that could be available to me on my bases? It would make navigation for my users SO much easier than tabs across the top and dropdowns to access different views.

Is this a setting?


How to create an "Airtable Universe" style sidebar with shortcuts to views?

You could build your own (I’m sure it’s not a built-in feature):

In your base, share the views via embedded code (read-only). Build a page with 2 frames, the left frame is the menu and the right frame contains the embedded HTML code.


This would be a great feature so much more user friendly


Hi Folks,

If you go here, and look around you’ll find a bunch of samples that use sidebar type navigation, that you can copy.

Such as this one:


I see it in the preview, but when I download the base and open it there is no sidebar navigation.


Oops, never mind :-)! Of course I just assumed that if they were being advertised there with a Copy button, the sidebar navigation would copy to. Of course if I had read the first post carefully, I would have seen his example came from the same area!


YEs! this would really be great! Hope to hear from the Airtable team later today ( 12.february 2018) . I have asked them if this is possible.
It would be a very simple thing to built for them but be a huge … YUUUGE! feature for users.


I say…+1!


Yep this would be awesome :slight_smile:


any thoughts airtable?


Another vote for this, would make it much easier


Add me to the list of users who would like this as a standard option in Airtable. Might be the most useful missing element I have seen.


Thanks for the ‘Universe’ tip, I hadn’t seen that yet and agreed, to your point. The Universe sidebar format is awesome (kudos to the AT team!) I would definitely love to see some version of it inside the application!

I could see it as a way to help me curate information amongst my team as it sprawls. Currently I use an internal website with base view links for specific information rather than exposing a whole base with 20+ tables etc. and confusing the heck out of my crew. It works, but it is a bit of extra work.

Block idea: Menu / Favs

+10 @Brad_Johns.

We too need a better UI for management of team views/view-links, particularly in the absence of user-specific views and/or the ability to lock particular views without relying on user-permissions.

Whether in a drop-down (as-is) or sidebar (which would be NICE for anyone with a lot of views, especially if they are already Slack/Asana users) we’d need view-nesting, AKA “folders”. One long list, even if named carefully, is unwieldy.

All that aside, is there a way to leverage Universe without making our work public? Haven’t had a sec to really poke at it myself… THX!


I immediately thought the exact same thing as soon as I was introduced to the Universe layout. Having this sidebar available to select views would be extremely useful for my team! :rocket:


My own solution to this was to simply use browser bookmarks. (Firefox’s sidebar works well for this; Chrome users will need an extension to get a similar layout.) About as sophisticated as duct tape, I’ll admit, but it works!


any update/thoughts on this?


Yep, any update on this ??


+1! Our team navigates through sometimes 20+ views in one table, so this would be huge!


+1 This navigation looks fantastic and would make a fine addition to the core product. Our team has lots of views, so the ability to navigate in this way would provide real efficiencies.