Signatures on Forms


Being able to keep paperwork for a nonprofit on Airtable is great. However, a lot of our forms require signatures. It would be great if Airtable provided this feature. If anyone knows a simple integration for this please let me know!


Hey I’m building FormNano to help create advanced forms for AirTable, might be a great solution. Let me know how to contact you, I can work with you on this!


Sure. You can email me at Looking forward!


Hi Sam, I would also appreciate this advanced form feature. I’m in in testing phase yet Airtable so far looks very promising. The only thing I’m missing at this point, is signature field (customer need to sign the form on tablet).
my e-mail:

Thanks in advance


Hi Sam, i’m another who would be interested in this. From the looks of it, there are many looking for this capability. Not sure why Airtable hasn’t made it yet.

I’d appreciate it if you could get in touch as we churn out 1000’s of things needing this -