Simple checkbox formula

Hello - I am very new to Airtable (meaning…this morning :)) and I’m very much a newbie to any kind of spreadsheet.

I’m trying to create a formula and am hoping I can get some guidance here . I’ve attached a screenshot to help illustrate what I’m trying to achieve - if the column Pay(X) is checked, then the amount in column Balance Due will be put into column Amount to Pay. Finally, the Amount to Pay should be totaled and put into column Bills to Pay Total.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided!

For your “Amount to Pay” field, that needs to be a formula field that looks something like this:

IF({Checkbox_Field}=1,Balance Due,0)

I am getting the following error when I use this:

Sorry, there was a problem saving this field. Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.

But you led me in the right direction, thanks!!! The formula was IF({Pay (X)}=1,{Balance Due}).

I did also figure out that the formula for calculating the sum of all the bills for the field Bills to Pay Total.

Thanks for your help

Right, I didn’t mean for you to take my formula literally by copying & pasting it into your solution — I meant for you to replace {Checkbox_Field} with the name of your own field.

I was giving you the STRUCTURE for how to create a formula using an IF statement.

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