Simple checklist within fields

Completely agree. This feature needs to happen immediately. Otherwise people like me switch between Airtable and others with checklist like Meistertask, Trello, Asana… what have you. It should be dead easy to add this right?

Btw, the option to add checklist inside a long text field would surely be an a step in the right direction. But the real solution would be a separate checklist field where we can create a list of subtasks and tick the ones that are completed.

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I really need this feature.

Whenever I bug the Airtable staff about it, they tell me its on the “long term roadmap”. I don’t know why this feature wasn’t made on week 1. It is so logical and necessary for so many workflows.


I would upvote this request 1000 times if I could. We have a common task for nearly every project that comes through our doors and it’s the same 6 or 7 “steps” every single time. It would be fantastic to just have a single task with a single column of checkboxes to indicate which steps are complete. The last time I brought this up elsewhere, it was suggested I use Zapier to automate the creation of a bunch of common tasks.

Airtable does almost everything we need without ANY 3rd party integration, it’s literally this one thing - the absence of a simple checklist that does not need any relational reference anywhere else for commons tasks and TODO development lists within a task. Personally, I really dislike Zapier, I especially dislike the idea of relying on the 3rd party service for a key part of my company’s project management process. I hate that it feels really fragile, as if anyone changes any of the criteria or values that might trigger a Zap to function the whole thing breaks and it’s not realistic that I lock ALL of my team out of the admin access of Airtable where key people can add columns and change some of that stuff. If tomorrow Zapier decided they’d had enough and closed up shop the whole house of cards will fall, unlikely as that seems I think if you talked to anyone in web development they could recite at least one story of a 3rd party API they relied on being shut down and making life complete hell.


I liked the idea of emojis. I created a formula that concatenates name of task and whether task is completed or not into the main field that is used in project. that way i get a list of linked fields with emojis saying completed or not. Only quirk is when you edit it, the first field is a non editable formula but i can live with that.

Thank you! This worked great for me.

@Julian_Kirkness I used your “Using Airtable / Zapier to create checklists” process to create our to-do’s/tasks for constant recurring events. Thank you it was super easy to follow! Since Zapier is only communicates one way, have you created this same process using Integromat? My understanding of Integromat is that it will allow communication to go both ways and if changes are made to the airtable base then Integromat would trigger again and make the correct task updates in Airtable. Is that correct? I have been trying to build the same process in Integromat but can’t figure out where or how the javascript would run for the array of objects. Any thoughts or expertise? Thanks!!

Hi @Jocelyn_Robertson, you wouldn’t need any Javascript to do this is Integromat - it handles multiple records intrinsically. What you could do is query the Checklist Items table following for the value in the triggering project table and this would return all of the records (you need to set the ‘Maximum Number of Returned Records’ to a high enough value).

With Integromat, when more than one record is returned in this way then every subsequent step is processed for each record.

Hi @Jocelyn_Robertson

Following your question, I decided to do another version of my blog post but using Integromat instead of Zapier. I hope you find it useful:

Thanks @Julian_Kirkness! I just used your resource to build the flow! Once again very helpful and easy to follow. I am now working on building a flow that will update my tasks if there is a date change to the original scheduled date.

I’m also trying to move completely away from Trello. I use Airtable to keep track of applicants – their application is an Airtable form and from there, I keep all application materials in Airtable and track their overall status. However, I use Trello in this process as well because I can set up a card for each applicant that summarizes their basic info and provides a step-by-step checklist so I can clearly see what they have done/need to do. I would love it if there was a way to incorporate this into Airtable.

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Voting for the checklist field idea, I agree it would be very practical

Many thanks to the posters who offered workarounds. I would also like to see this feature for the reasons mentioned by other users, to be able to break things into a series of steps.

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Claude - Do you have complete field list or a template we can look at?

I would also like to see checklists as a feature in the app. Does Airtable have any plans to develop this feature in the near future?

I too would love ability to add simple checklists for subtasks to a row/card in airtable just like you can in trello. Trello is perfect - super easy to add a checklist of subtasks to the card. I think you can even add multiple checklists though that seems like overkill. Would love to see this in airtable for Kanban view and the expanded row details modal.

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It was depressing going through this whole thread from start date to now only to realize this feature still does not exist. Seeing as it’s a no-brainer, I assume there is some issue not visible to us with implementing it. I will be very happy once this feature appears.


It would really be useful. I’m used to using Trello and checklists are frequently needed. I hope this feature gets implemented soon.

This is such an obvious need its surprising that Airtable doesn’t have this feature baked in yet. Thanks for suggesting it.

+1 for this feature. It’s a difficult one to crack, so I understand why the AT may move carefully here.

Here is my .02 on how this might be implemented:

  • create a new ‘interpreted’ text Field Type
  • create a syntax that users can paste or upload - I’m imagining something simple like MD, but it could even be JSON or HTML