Simple checklist within fields

I may be onto something here after reading this thread. I needed a way to create repeatable checklists as well that sometimes would need their own sub checklist. I use a combination of multi-selects, check boxes, and attachments. For the muti-selects the idea is to add all items at initial project kick-off, and then as each item in that checklist is completed the user removes that item. I then link a checklist record to the projects that need them. I can also use different views to create workflows on the checklists based on what department does what, so if there are other steps that have to be completed first, then those checklist records are hidden until completed. then Zapier can trigger the notification the appropriate team, that they have a new checklist to attend to in their view.

Please can we get this!!! It’s really essential for me! I’m seriously considering switching to Things because it’s so much better on this dimension.