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Hi All,
I hope someone could help me a better way of doing this. I have two tables on a base (Table 1 and Table 2).

In Table 1, data is shown below:


Here is what I am trying to do in Table 2:

  1. Count all similar State Country entries from table 1
  2. Count all EMEA, APAC and AMERICAS from table 1

I tried using the Pivot Table app but the lack of exporting it to CSV is not ideal for me.

Convert your {State / Country} field into a link to another record-type field, connect it to Table 2. This will create one record in Table 2 for each unique {State / Country} value. To reduce repetition, you should add a {Region} field to Table 2 and make the {Region} field in Table 1 a lookup-type field.

From there you can add a count-type field to Table 2, which will show you the number of records from Table 1 linked to each state/country.

Do a similar process for Region: convert the {Region} field in Table 2 (not Table 1) in to a link to another record-type field and connect it to another table (Table 3). Then add a rollup-type field that uses the SUM(values) aggregation to add up the count field from Table 2. This will give you the total of all Table1 records linked to a state/country in that region.

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Hi Kamille,

This is very helpful! Thank you! - I cant seem to make the rollup file type work though. I must be doing something wrong.

Are you getting an error? can you post a screenshot of what you have thusfar?

Hi Kamille,


All I get is 0.

Is your Count field in Table 2 working properly? The {Region Rollup} field should be doing SUM(values) for the Count field, so if the Count fields are showing values greater than 0 this is an issue.

I figure it out - thank you for your help!

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