Simple If function

I need a simple formula for working out a suburb and it puts out a selected output.

eg: if the suburb gorokan or toukley is in the field, the formula puts in KPM1. IF the suburb is hamlyn terrace it puts in KPM2 etc etc This will apply to 5 different outputs ( KPM1 KPM2 KPM 3 KPM4 LM1) based on the suburb.

IF({Suburb}=“gorokan”, “KPM1”)

This formula works great for the single suburb but I cant get it to output KPM1 if I put multiple suburbs in there
I know it will be nested IF formulas but I just cant get this first one to work as expected.
It will be simple im sure! lol

It might be easier to use a SWITCH() statement, since you are checking the same field, namely {Suburb}, each time.

   "gorokan", "KPM1",
   "hamlyn terrace", "KPM2",

yep, that works but is there a way so I dont have to do individual suburbs? eg:

“gorokan, toukley, etc, etc”, “KPM1”
“hamlayn terrace, kanwal, etc etc” “KPM2”

I would prefer to group the suburbs into one part of the formula rather than 1 per suburb as I have about 30 to do. lol

You could group them together in a repeated IF(OR()) structure, but you’d likely end up writing more characters, only to have a far less readable formula.

I’d suggest biting the bullet and writing out the explicit SWITCH() function. Perhaps a good Programming text editor would come in handy here…

Thats what I thought! lol

Already writing it out, not the most elegant but at least it will work!

Thanks for the help!

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If you think 30 lines in a SWITCH() function is bad, you should take a look at this formula I had to write for a client…

haha… cut and paste is your friend there!

Im only new to airtable and functions, formula’s / excel in general and can do the basics but I get lost in all the (((((( ) ()))))))'s

I refer you to a programming text editor again.
Auto-indentation and auto-closing of parentheses and brackets will make your life much easier.

I will certainly look into it! ( your link above where you suggested it doesnt work if you were recommending one.)

Fixed it (20 characters)

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