Simple Inventory entry form

I own retail stores and our staff counts inventory every day. Currently they use a very simple Excel Sheet that has just four columns.
First column is the name of the product (This is Prefilled and doesn’t change.)
Second column is where they input the number of that product they currently have on hand. (This is the only column the employee uses.)
Third column is the par number for that item. (This is prefilled and doesn’t change.)
Fourth column is the formula (Par - Currently on hand) that gives me the number of that item we need to deliver. (This is prefilled and doesn’t change.)

I have successfully changed this over to airtable and everything is working fine. However, I am trying to embed just a two column view of the form showing the item name and input column into the backend of our website but am having trouble. I can see all the products listed in separate lines on the form, but can’t enter any numbers in the input column. It doesn’t allow me to enter anything in that column.

I am thinking this is a simple fix that just isn’t coming to me. Can you help?

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