Simple Number Field Question

How can I keep my numbers field from rounding? This seems somewhat simple, but I’ve searched and found nothing. I’m in publishing and trying to add page counts. My numbers field keeps updating 1.75 to 1.8 and I don’t know why. Even if I fix the decimal view, it will do 1.8 or 1.80 or 1.800 - not 1.75. I have done it with simple text but then I lose my sum feature. Any help is appreciated!


Dalton from Airtable here! :wave:

So sorry you’re dealing with this. You mention that even when fixing the formating on the number field it still rounds up your number, I just want to confirm that the number field is set up to be decimal and the precision is set to 1.00.

I found that even when inputting a number with more than the precision amount the field will auto round whatever is closest to the precision limit. If put in 9.546 it won’t truncate the number it will round up or down based on whatever number is behind it. When typing in 9.54 exactly there isn’t a change at all.

I understand this is probably frustrating and you’ve probably already thought about these things. If this doesn’t work would you mind posting a screen share here so I can see the error in action?

Thanks again for reaching out to us! Please let me know if this helps.

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