Simple Percentage calculations


Despite there is a ton of “percentage topics” i cant figure it out. Basically i have my tables automated with zapier and they work well, but i want to add 2 things and i just cant (because my bad english i cant realize how is Airtable working)

Basically I have several tables where a house repairing services data are going to be stored.

  • I have a “Client” table (in here we put al the client data and budget, this records are auto-filled.
    (It would be amazing to add an “Auto-ID record” for future tracking tables! Lets say “Work #1” or just “#1” or “1”)

  • I have another table for my employees, where they can login and see new projects and projects where they are working on

Basically, i want to show in the “Employees” table the 80% of the “Budget cell” that is in the “Client” table (if budget is $1000, they win $800 so i want they see only $800), if can be done, how about making another table called “Company Net winnings” where i need put the remaining 20% of the budget for tracking incomes?

An example is (commas mean cells):

Table Client
Jhon Cena, 3rd Avenue, Painting, Visited April 22, $1000 (if you can tell me how to auto-add an record ID would be amazing)

Table Employee
Mark Painter, Painting of Work number #1 (John Cena’s record ID! :smiley: ), profit is $ <80% of the budget>

Table Company Net winnings
In here i would like to have "Work #1 (again, the John Cena’s record ID), profit is $ <20% of the budget>


Use an “Auto-Number” Field type. This will start the first record with the number 1, and then auto-increment from there with each new record added. If you want to customize how it formats, hide that Auto-Number field, and make a formula field that has a formula to format that number – example:

"Job #" &
RIGHT("000" & {Auto-Number}, 4)

80% of Budget:
First, use a lookup field to pull the Budget value from the Client Table to the Employee table. Then, make a formula field with this formula:

{Budget} * 0.8

Use the formatting tab to format as currency.

20% of Budget:
Same as above except use this formula:

{Budget} * 0.2
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