Simple Workflow or Automation within Airtable - Make some columns response in accordance to selection/answer in another column


For example say I track subscription for my service in Airbnb. One of the subscription for Payment model is “Referral Bonus”. When that is selected, I am wondering if it is possible to “code” airtable to always link the “Paid” column to be checked (it is a checker/yes no column) when Referral Bonus is selected.

I know this could be done in some IaaS (Integration as a Service) like Zapier, but I am wondering if there’s a neater, more instantaneous way to do it in Airtable because they’ll really amplify the usability and use case for Airtable.


Could you use a Formula field? If is Referral Bonus OR is Paid, then is Paid.


Yea, but my Paid column is also editable. Like, it is meant to be a tracking column for me to “tick” the box if someone paid. But when it is Referral Bonus, it is automatically paid.

I just felt like this could really expand the use case although I can see how it could be challenging. It is basically a workflow like system within Airtable itself (aka sequentially).