Simply pull column into another sheet


Hello, seems like what I’m doing should be pretty simple to do, yet I’ve hit a few snags.

Im just looking to take the data entries from an entire column in Sheet 1 and print it to a column of the same name in Sheet 2.

Assistance much appreciated!


Hi John, what’s your use case? It sounds like you might be able to do what you want just by creating a separate view on the same table and hide the fields you don’t need for each.


Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your response. I ultimately want to add additional columns to this new tab/ view. If I were to create a new view, would this then require that I hide columns on both views?

Is there a cleaner way to simply pull the 4 relevant columns of data to a new sheet?



If the 2 Tables contain elements of the same type, you should use Views. If they are different but Related, you could use a Linked Record field and then Lookup fields to reference data. For instance, think of Events and Venues tables: you can have an Address field on the Venue, and show it on the Event/s (always the same address for events in the same Venue).


Thanks, Elias. This latter suggestions sounds like what I need. Are there any Tables you’d be able to include as an example?

Much appreciated!


You should tell us your structure and what you want to achieve :sweat_smile:


Continuing with your example, lets say I have venue names in the first column. Then I have columns of venue capacity, venue address, ticketing URL, and age restriction. I want to pull the data from two of these columns into another Tab/Table. In Sheets the =IMPORTRANGE function can achieve this.

Appreciate your help!


You just create Lookup fields in the Events table.