Since we're limited to 25 Automations, is there a way to send a copy of a submitted form to people without using an Automation slot?

I’m trying to find a way to send a copy of a form submitted by our Account Executives by using something else besides automations.

I have only 2 slots left of the 25 limit and would rather not use them for something as simple as this.

Hi @CJB,
You can build a total of 25 Automations but you can run them thousands of times per month and it count resets each month. The task you posted should only consume one Automation.

You can use to do this too.

Correct - that’s what I’m looking to avoid - using 1/25 Automation slots for something so basic.

I am not sure I follow. You want to automate something but do not want to use an automation to do it? Are you almost out of automation slots?

You can right click on the new Form submission record, and send email if you do not want to Automate the task.

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Welcome to the community, @CJB!

  1. The limit on automations has been increased from 25 to 50 automations.

  2. You can just right-click on any record to send the entire contents of that record to anybody as an email.

Ah ok great to hear! As of ~a month or two ago it was 25 so this is great news!

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