Single click to modify field


I’m really enjoying using airtable. I’ve been using dapulse but i find airtable much more versatile.

currently if i want to edit a field, i have to click once to select/focus on the row, then click again to edit/modify the field.
It would be great if there was an preference option to just click once to edit the field, inferring that where my mouse is is the row i want to edit. Specifically “single select” enum fields.

i found that this contributed to a huge sense of ease and responsiveness that I felt when using dapulse, and that would go a long way for myself and my coworkers. it would mean doing same amount of work in half the number of clicks, which is from a pleasure-to-use pov huge.


would be great also to have a preference option to add a new record using a double-click rather than a single click. currently i find myself accidentally clicking the last row (the row with a + sign), and accidentally adding new records that i then i have to remove.


+1 on each of these suggestions.

Especially the “add a record” issue. The accidental adding of records is such a pain in the Airtable UI, when in Grid view. I’m not sure why Grid View behaves differently than every other view type? In those, the big giant + button at the bottom right makes it very easy to add records, and ONLY add them when you intend to.