Single field edit access for collaborator?

I want to share a view with an external collaborator, so they can see a limited set of data from my base.

I also want them to be able to update/edit only a single field in those records they can see in their view - ie they cannot create. anew record, then can only update existing records through editing a single field.

Is that possible to achieve?

If you make them a collaborator of your Airtable database, they will always be able to view 100% of the data in your system. All of the tables, all of the views, all of the fields, all of the records.

However, you can restrict them from creating new records in the tables that you select, and you can also restrict them from editing fields that you select. This is done via field & table editing permissions.

On the other hand, instead of making them a collaborator for your base, you can choose to send them a share link for one of your views. That link would restrict them to ONLY seeing the data that is on that particular view. However, they wouldn’t be able to edit any of the fields on that view — because share links are always READ-ONLY.

If you need more granularity than that, you’d have to use an external 3rd-party add-on service like Stacker. Stacker allows for all the granularity that you would ever need. You can control access by table, view, field, and even RECORD. So you can even restrict them to only seeing certain records.