Single Field Linked to Two Tables


I’ve looked through the topics, and I haven’t been able to find a clear answer.
Is it possible to link two tables to one field on a third table?
For example, I have a table for Sponsorships and a table for Grants. I have a third table which is my ‘To Do’ list. I want to be able to assign tasks to a ‘Project’ field on that third table by selecting the ‘Name’ value from EITHER the Sponsorships OR Grants table. So basically, when I click the + icon in the ‘Project’ field, I want to see a list of ‘Name’ values from both the Sponsorships and the Grants table to choose from. Make sense? Is this possible? Thanks for the help…


Nope — a linked record field is a link to only one other table. Every “link relationship” has exactly two fields associated with it — one in each table that is participating in that relationship.

You will have to have 2 fields in your “To Do” table, one linking to each table.


I had wondered this same thing. Thank you for the info!