Single-Record Calendar View


First-off, thank you for Calendar View!!!

It is great for tracking things like the drop-dead artwork release date for a bunch of jobs. But it’s not so great for tracking multiple dates associated with just one record.

Would you consider (or are you developing) a single-record/multi-field calendar view? Something like that would be MUCH more useful for calendarizing complex project management schedules with individual deliverables (like say a printed catalog or photo shoot).

As always, thanks!




Agreed! Any sort of project management needs multiple dates for various milestones. I would LOVE the ability to add multiple date fields to the same calendar view, and perhaps even a block of dates.

For instance, I have table with arrival and departure dates for each record, so seeing those days blocked out on the calendar in some way would be huge. Right now, I can’t really use the calendar, as I’m forced to only look at arrival dates OR departure dates for everyone, which is not intuitive at all.

I’m about to try out the Zapier Google Calendar integration and see how that goes, but it would be great if everything were under one roof.

Loving Airtable though, keep up the great work!




I’d love to see this too. Trying to use calendar view to display check-in and check-out dates associated with single contacts. I want to see the block of dates that are booked or available, not just arrival or departure date.

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Also +1 for this feature request



Also interested in this too!

Use case: each record is an entity with various licenses/permits, and thus multiple expiration dates. I would love to see in one calendar the consolidated look at all expirations forthcoming across all the different permit types.

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I’m looking for multiple date field calendar, too. Would like to create a table to lookup date fields from multiple tables and view all of the dates on a single calendar. Example: Combined view of birthdays from table of parents and table of children. Thanks.



Me too! I’m trying to use Airtable to track the opera performances in Europe, and each event has many performances. I don’t see a way to use Airtable for this, right now.



Exactly, we’re using Airtable to track creative requests, all of which have 4-20 key milestone dates. We need the ability to provide our team with both a multi-field calendar per request AND a linear/chronological schedule list.



Hi Andrew

Are you holding your milestones as a separate milestones table - or are they simply columns in your requests table?

If the latter I se your problem. But if you have a separate table then you could base your calendar on the Milestones table and it would be able to show you calendars and other views based upon all the dated records, filtered as required.

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Yes, the latter… Totally open to an overhaul, but not yet exactly sure what you are proposing. Can you help clarify? AKA, in a new Milestones table, would there be a record per milestone, or a field per? Obviously, in our current implementation, it’s field-per. THANX!



Are you proposing to have a table where each record is a milestone for a particular creative request? This would explode the DB… not very practical



Hi Andrew

I would guess it would be one record per milestone - this then allows you to keep tract of each, keep notes if required etc.

If your set of milestones is standard (or even if there are a number of sets of standard ones (based on a request type for example) then it would be possible to use Zapier to create them all for you when you set up a new request. This would require a little bit of Javascript in your Zaps but isn’t too hard to do.



When you say “explode the DB,” do you just mean that it would create a table with lots of records and that’d be cumbersome, or do you mean more literally that you think it would exceed our technical limits? (If the latter—the volume of records in a creative requests milestones table likely wouldn’t come close to reaching our limits, so I wouldn’t worry about that.)



No I meant it would create a gazillion records and would be hard to manage. I didn’t think it would exceed the technical limits.



Hi Laura

In Andrew’s use case, I think it’s likely that there may be more information required foe each milestone rather just a date (I may be wrong). In his case, using a separate milestone table would enable this as well as being able to have calendars showing each milestone.

In your example I am assuming you need to hold a range of dates when an opera is being performed at particular venues? If this is correct then being able to have a calendar display this range from the pair of dates would indeed be useful an is in line with the OP.

If you need to record multiple individual dates for a show because there are days off, multiple shows on one day etc., then there may be a justification to hold this in a separate table - which would indeed give rise to a lot of records - but would also give you the opportunity to record the specifics of each show (Cast for example). You would also be able to build a calendar view which would show each.



Matt from Airtable here. We are currently planning out improvements to Calendar View including support for multiple date fields from the same table. You could then use this for a single-record, multi-field view by filtering it to only match a single record.

These improvements will be available in beta in a couple months. We’ll reply to this thread when a public beta is ready.



Good to hear; thanks Matt!

We look forward to it. :pray:t2:



@Julian_Kirkness am I correct to assume that ur proposing a record per milestone and then a linked field per job (record in our primary base)? That’d mean 1000+ fields in the new Milesrones base… maybe there’s a way to have Zapier auto-create those fields, but that’s a lot of manual entry unless there’s a way to auto-populate field values per milestone, leveraging some sort of template, presumably another table. Right?



@Andrew_Enright - you’re correct - but I think you mean 1000+ records in a Milestone table?

A Milestone table would allow you to monitor the progress of each Milestone and produce the Calendar you were looking for - which could be filtered in many ways as you know.

My thoughts on auto creating milestones for each new job is that Zapier would be triggered by the new job record and would then create the milestones. In my experience, this is often not as simple as it sounds because there are probably different types of Job and each would have a different set of milestones with different timings. If this set of milestones is totally variable then I think they would best be created manually - but you could save some effort by having a table of Milestone Types from which you could pick the milestones you want for a particular job.

Here’s an example I’ve been playing with:

The calendar is filtered showing only outstanding Milestones - whereas the grouped view is ideal to use for tracking progress and ticking things off as they get completed - notice I have grouped by Client and then Job.

If you wanted to automate set up of standard Milestones and these varied by the type of Job, you could add a Job Type table and have a field which would contain all the relevant standard Milestones for that Type. Zapier could then read this list and create them for you. Note that you would need to add some timing information (i.e. how long after the job start should a milestone typically happen) and also consider if the 5 or 15 minute delay on this happening via Zapier is acceptable (hopefully Airtable will enable Instant Zaps at some point to get round this though).

I have set up this type of Zapier integration before for a client and it seems to be working quite well for them.



This request sounds parallel (if not identical) to my recent request for what I called a “nested table” field type.

The basic idea is allowing for more complex data stored within a single field. This would certainly be applicable to a series of dates, or (in my case) an itemized cost list, or really anything that could be displayed in tabular form.