Single select as Linked Lookup Field


I have two tables “Episodes” and “Team/Dates”. “Episodes” has a single select field called “Status” with 20 non-alphabetically listed options. When I create a linked lookup field in “Team/Dates” to the “Status” column in “Episodes”, it imports the field as text.

Is it possible to import it as a single-select field? Or to somehow retain the sorting order from the “Episodes” single select field?

The two workarounds I’ve found so far are adding a numerical prefix to each status (e.g., 01 Script, 02 Storyboards, 03 Edit) or using a formula in the second table with an emoji in front to do sorting.

Thank you!

The formatting is indeed lost when you lookup a single select from another table and you’ve already figured out the solve I would recommend! Thanks for the feedback Michelle.

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