Single Select Consolidation

I have a list of single-select options that I would like to clean up without causing any records to have an empty single select status. For example, I would like to delete “sketching” and convert all instances of “sketching” to “researching” (these options can be found towards the bottom of the list in the image). That way, when I delete “sketching”, no record will have an empty single select field, and all records that had “sketching” will turn into “researching”. Is this possible?

Thanks :sunflower:

A couple ways to do this:

  1. If no records have been assigned “researching” yet, delete the option and simply rename/recolor “sketching” to say “researching” and all assigned records will be updated.

  2. Group a view by the {Design Status} field, go to the group for “sketching” and paste “researching” into all those records. Then delete the “sketching” option.

  3. Use the Batch Update app to set the values of records. Warning: the app does whole views at a time, so make sure to use a view filtered to only show records with values you’re trying to change.


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