Single Select Creating New Field During Copy/Paste


I have a very basic single select field. When I copy and paste data from a csv file the field creates a new option even though the option is already there and matches the pasted data.

For example, “Active” is a single select option. When I past the word “Active” in the field it creates a new single selectAT%20Question option.

There are 3 other fields where this is not happening- same data, same steps…


Did you check for white spaces in the options?
I mean check if one is “Active” and the other one " Active" or "Active ".
It is not logical to work with some fields and do not for others.


Makes sense…I’ll run this by the VBA coder…I bet he has an extra space in there somewhere! works off a larger coded document and there is logic that populates the cell…

Thank you! @Luiggi_Cuozzo


Of course there are spaces :sweat_smile:



Good looking out! Got it fixed.