Single Select Dynamic Options depending on a date

Hello all, great to be on here, am loving the power of Airtable!!

Is there a way to do the following : In a table, I have a “Single Select” Field with 5 Options, “Pitch 1” “Pitch 2” “Pitch 3” “Pitch 4” “Pitch 5”

If I create a new record, the first field is a Date field, so I select a day, eg 11/01/2020 I then want to assign a “Pitch” from the “Single Select Field”, initially all 5 pitches are available to choose from. I select “Pitch 1” for this record. Record Complete.

If I then create another record with the same date, there should now only be Pitches 2-5 available to choose from. i.e. the database has looked at this date and knows “Pitch 1” is used on this date so the single select will only show you the remaining Pitch options (Pitches 2-5) ?

Does that make sense? I hope Im explaining it reasonably!

Many thanks in advance for any info!


Im just wondering if my post has been seen by anyone? Perhaps I havent posted it in the correct area.

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