Single Select Field in Email Automation

Hello wonderful Airtable community,

I am working on an email automation that will report on student progress through a variety of courses. I have each course listed as a single-select field, then the possible grades listed as the options to select. I want to send an email report that shows these grades:

Class 1: {GRADE}
Class 2: {GRADE}

My problem is that no matter what options I select when building the automation, the GRADE field shows up blank.

Thanks so much for your help!

Are you doing the “Test step” thing, or is your Automation live? If you’re testing, does the test trigger record have a value for the {Grade} field?

I figured it out! In case anyone else is searching for this, in the email where this needs to appear, click the blue + sign, then scroll all the way to the bottom and select “grid”. Then select the fields of interest. Neat! It works like magic - color coding and everything. :slight_smile:

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