Single Select Field Type Recognized as a Number/Percent


I am building a Table to apply Markup to products. I need to be able to apply a different amount of markup to different quantities. The best way to do this would be able to select from a single select column but it seems the function column does not recognize the number as a number for the calculation.

I have tried writing it as both a regular number and a percent.

The simplest solution would be to add a format option to single select that says it is text, a number, a percent, etc…


I think I had a similar situation. I was using a “single drop down” for ratings (e.g. “0 - I do not know”, “1 - I know a little”, “2 - I know much”). To run calculations on that, I created a formula column and used a series of VALUE and LEFT functions to pull out the number. Hope this helps!


Hmmm, yeah, I am going to see if there is a way to do an “if this” function based on my initial cost and/or quantity. Since if both are higher I do not need as much of a markup to arrive at a final price. That would be much more effective than having to manually pick the number for each row. But still, l I think it would be a good option to have especially for this scenario.

For reference, my example is that I am costing out printing. So for a business card with quantities ranging from 100 to 10000, my markup, is much lower on the higher quantity since I make the profit on the number of cards.