Single select: only select option once


Hi there,

Is there anyway to only select items ONCE?
I have a single select field type with A, B, C and D, if I pick B on a row, I only want to be able to select A, C and D afterwards.



No you can’t. What are you trying to do? Maybe there is another way.


When I select an item in a single select list, I want it to be not available anymore.

IE: I’m going away with my entire company, I want to dispatch people in hotel rooms. If I select the Room42 for John, when selecting Kim’s room afterwards, I do not want Room42 to be available in my single select list.


I understood that, but what do you want that behaviour for? What do you want to achieve (related with you actual data)?


I am deploying a form to my employees so they can register for this trip. When employee A select the Room42, I don’t want employee B to be able to book for the Room42.

So I want a single select but each item has to be selectable only one time.

(Thanks for helping!)


I only can think on some kind of automation with Zapier. I think can’t be done only with Airtable.


Too bad, sounds like something tricky and not repeatable. Especially if I want to give power to non-tech people.

Thanks anyway!