Single Select to Formula Fields


I am using Zapier to autofull documents based on airtable inputs, I am struggling with checkboxes and trying to use formula fields to provide me with a “true” or “false” based on the input of a single select field.


Has anyone used single select to provide a true or false outpouts, I am stuck!

Hi @Jackson_Button

You can just put the value(s) you want to use from your single select field between " ". Not sure how those checkboxes are related to this… To use checkboxes in a formula field, u can use =0 for empty ones and =1 for filled ones.

A shorter way is to drop the = operator.

IF({Checkbox field}, result_if_true, optional_result_if_false)

That will return the result_if_true output if the checkbox is checked for a given record. This is similar to Airtable’s pattern of treating most other non-empty fields as equivalent to True and empty fields as equivalent to False.

The same goes for using AND() and OR() to check multiple fields:

IF(AND({Checkbox 1}, {Checkbox 2}), ... )

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