Single selector from a formula for Kanban view


Is there a way to automate a single select field based on a formula? I am attempting to create a Kanban view which displays critical dates for my drivers.

I own and operate a logistics road freight company in the Middle East. I currently maintain a google sheet of my drivers’ expiration dates for their passport, driver’s licenses, visas, waqalas, etc.

I then use this as a watch list for critical dates via highlight any date that is within a 90 day window of expiring.

I was looking to create the same type of “watch list” via using a Kanban view.

I have created all the necessary DATETIME_DIFF formulas based on today’s date.

But not sure how I translate a formula that displays a date that is < 90 days into a single selector Yes/No field.



There is not a way to automate this within Airtable itself, unfortunately.

You’d have to make this happen through an external automation service such as Zapier or Integromat.

I’m only familiar with Zapier, so briefly the way it works is this:

  • You’d have a formula field that calculations your conditions for the update, (namely, the date being < 90 days past or some-such)
  • You’d have a View that filters out any records that DO NOT meet this criteria (only shows records that meet your conditions for update)
  • Zapier can watch that filtered View for new records to enter it - when a new record enters, it triggers zapier to act on that record
  • Zapier changes the status of the Single Select field of that record that triggered it from “No” to “Yes”, or whatever you need it to be

I’m pretty sure that an operation this simple could be done with Zapier’s free tier, however there could be up to a 15 minute delay between when the formula field changes and when Zapier changes the Single Select field, due to the way Zapier’s free tier works. So if a 15 minute delay is ok for your operations, a free Zapier account should do the trick for you. Otherwise, you may need to pay an additional monthly subscription to Zapier in order to make that solution work for you.