Size-responsive elements in Page Designer

I’m designing a page with several Long/Rich text fields that are stacked vertically on each other. The length of the text in some of these fields is greater than others and it appears that the size of the display field is fixed and not responsive to the length of the text.

Is this correct, or is there a setting to make the field display a size responsive to the length of the text?

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Unfortunately, Airtable doesn’t currently offer responsive items in Page Designer. I agree that this would be a great update, though.

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As @Justin_Barrett said, you sadly can’t do this with the Page Designer block, but you might want to look into the Formstack Document block, which requires a paid Formstack account and enables you to create Word & PDF files from your Airtable data.

Alternatively, for a cheaper solution, check out Integromat, which lets you create Google Docs from your Airtable data that can also be saved as PDF files.

(Integromat also supports Formstack Documents as well.)

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