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I’m relatively new to Airtable, but I’ve been digging to figure out a solution and haven’t come across anything workable yet.

What I’m trying to do is set up skill profiles that contain different proficiencies in each profile. Example: I have 2 skills, Reading and Writing. I have 2 profiles, Researcher and Author. I have a proficiency rating, 1-3. Researcher profile has Reading at a 3, Writing at a 1. Author has both Reading and Writing at a 2.

Right now I have a table of skills and a table of profiles with skills linked to them, but no way that I can find to do unique proficiency in each profile. Is there a good way I could set something like that up?

The biggest challenge is I’m creating this for about 40 different profiles containing different mixes of about 300 skills. I’ve a feeling it’s not a possibility or if it is, maintenance would be a bear.

Welcome to the community, @Nick_Berg!

You would need to create a 3rd table that is a junction table, in order to setup a many-to-many relationship between skills & profiles.

Each record in your 3rd table would represent both one skill and one profile. In other words, your 3rd table is the “intersection” between profiles & skills.

You can learn more about setting up a many-to-many relationship here:


Perfect, thank you! I think I kept running into examples of the one-to-many setup and I didn’t conceive other avenues with it. Thank you for the article!

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