Skip Patterns and Forms

I had a question about the forms that you can create on Airtable. One of the questions on an application I’m working on requires a follow-up question conditional to the answer provided. Ideally, I’d be able to use a skip pattern so that the applicant would only need to answer the relevant question. So, if they answered “yes” to the question “Are you enrolled in the Fall 2019 semester?” the form would spawn the question “When did you first enroll at this school?” and not “When do you plan to enroll?” and vice versa. Does Airtable have this capability?
Thanks so much!

Hi @Valerie_Nigg - no, there’s no conditional logic in AT forms, but you could try Typeform or Jotform, which both have conditional logic and integrate well with Airtable (I use Zapier to integrate).


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