Slack ---> Airtable Integration



I know that there are many questions in this community about Slack integration. I have built a Private Slack App that allows us to do some basic operations using the Airtable API.

Here are some screenshots of the slack app:

  1. It is available as /slair


  1. You have to configure your API Key and Application ID


  1. Currenty supported Airtable integrations


  1. Sample Add Record (All fields will show up as Text field :frowning: )

If there is interest from the community I will make the Slack App public.


Nice work.

I’d be interested in it


YES! Please share - we would definitely use this.


Definitely interested! And while I can’t code, I’m willing to spend some money on features and troubleshooting, if it helps.


+100 Very interested in this.


Thank you for the interest !! Working on making the app public.


I have a version of this available for testing. Please DM me for the link. Would like to hear about bugs and feature requests.