Slack integration: Failed to construct the value for "Message" on missing fields

Hey ATers.

I’ve built some pretty cool stuff for our business in AT so far! One thing that I have noticed from time to time. We have an automation that produces a Slack message, and every so often, this Slack message fails with:

Step failed.

Failed to construct the value for “Message”.

I have traced the issue with empty fields that are being referenced. The field types referenced here that are empty are:

-Single select
-Multi select

Specifically, the message consists of:

Right now the Tot. Units, Units of Measure, Crop Type are all blank. If I fill those in (not sure which is causing the fail at this point) then it will work.

Why not simply resolve to a blank / empty string if either of those are empty? Instead of just crashing out? I’d still like to receive the Slack message even if some of those fields are left empty.


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