Slack Notification to tag Member ID

Hi! I am wondering if a slack notification can tag a specific person it is assigned to them. I.e. I want the slack automation that I’ve set up to tag <@WMLBVULSJ> when Assigned To field is “Ashley”, or tag a different account when Assigned To field is their name.

Has anyone successfuly done this and/or have any tips?!

Thank you!

Hi, Ashley -

Do you have a Table that contains all of the people that the project can possibly be assigned to? If you do, you can create a field for the individual’s slack ID.

Then in the table where you assign things to people, you can create a field that links to the table with people and their Slack IDs. Then in that same table, create a lookup field that looks up the individual’s Slack ID.

Then you can format your automation in the automation sidebar like this:

There are other things you can do if you don’t want to have a separate table that is specifically for people, their slack IDs, phone numbers, etc.

Hopefully, this is helpful! Happy Airtabling!

Thank you so much Carlos! I don’t really want/need the separate table with their IDs – our grid is for digital ads so it doesn’t really fit the theme, but as a solution I think this will work perfectly until I can come up with something cleaner.

Thanks so much for your time and help!

Gotcha. Well, in that case you could just do a Formula field. Something like this:

   "Carlos Gonzalez", "@SLACKID1",
   "Ashley Posluns","@SLACKID2",

So the {Producer} field is the field that you use to assign people. The only problem with this is that you will manually have to add a new line to the formula above when you add a new person to your list of folks who can possibly be assigned

Thanks Carlos! Do I add the formula field into the automation “action” part? Or I’m adding this into a field in the table? Sorry, confused!

I tried the former but this is what I got on slack