Snap a photo of a business card - have the photo and info auto populate into Airtable


It would be great if we could take a photo of a business card, then have OCR read the info and place it in the appropriate columns you define. It would also include the image of the card as an attachment.

Some kind of process wizard that highlights the info before it places it into the columns might be needed for this, but if you do this it would be unbelievably helpful!


Hey Dan,

Here’s a response over a year later if you’re still looking for a solution for this. ( I don’t think Airtable has added this functionality yet but I very much look forward to them doing so ).

Anyway, you should check out Evernote’s Business Card Feature.

It automatically generates and compiles business card info after you take a photo. Then it allows you to automatically send an email with your contact info to the person. Pretty nifty.