Social (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) field type


Hello all—

Hopefully an easy feature request for your consideration. In my tables, I usually put “Instagram” and “Twitter” as the “Single Line Text” field type. That creates two issues: first, people sometimes put @pvdstudentunion and other times they leave the “@” off. Second, the field doesn’t actually do anything, it just sits there. I dream about them linking to the actual profile.

Can you make a new field type that enforces a certain format and turns the text into a link to that profile? It would be exactly like the Email field, but for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Actually, maybe a single “Social” field type, with each platform’s settings as a different formatting option (similar to the “Lookup” field type) would be possible, so that there aren’t a dozen new field types added for each of the different platforms.

What do you think? Thank you so much!


“Social” field type ?
by your description I understand it totally, I would want that the cell brings a name, and if you click on it it has more info, like a link, or a more detailed long name, too
its not required to be a “social” field type but these hyperlink features would be fantastic, I second that